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Fundraising Request Letter

Many organizations or private companies run out of funds or require funds to start a new project. Depending on the type f project is you would probably want to write out to a few people here and there to donate towards your project. In this situation you would send a fundraising request letter to each and every donor you have in mind. The letter must explain to the recipient that is the donor, why they should fund you and what benefits are there. If you are able to do this, certainly you would achieve the goal of raising your funds. With many types of fundraising request letter you would need to choose the one matching your needs and write it, and since it is to an organization you need to convince your donor that is a good non-profitable fundraiser.

Getting the professional letter written

With these major tips on writing, within no time will you be able to write the best and professional letter for a fundraiser. So to get the right numbers, fund wise you need to write the perfect letter to get the recipient to donate generously. So make sure to keep these in mind.

Be friendly – since you are writing to someone you probably know, you need to have a friendly approach in the letter, but still keep it formal as possible. You need to write to the donor in a personal way, make him or her experience the same feeling as you feel toward the fundraising.

Brief and precise – do not make the letter to long or boring, be straight forward and go to the point. You do not want to chase your donor away in fact you want to attract more. Also while writing make sure to show the urgency of raising the funds.

Detailed – ensure to give full and right information concerning the fundraiser. From the amount of donate, the venue and also how the money raised will be used. Plus do not forget to ensure your donor that this is a non-profitable fundraiser.

With all this in mind do not to capture you donors, thus get emotional with them and also personal.

Fundraiser request letter Sample


5th June 2013

Winy Angaya

P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Brenda:

Am glad to inform you that on 5th September, we the youth group, will be having a fundraiser. But for us to be able to do so we need your hand in mission. We lack enough funds and would very much be delighted by your donation.

As a much esteemed donor towards our charity group I know you will support this cause. Many people out there are lost and lack the basic necessities but we believe we can change that. Please donate a minimum of 10,000 shillings to help an individual.

Thank you for your undying support over the past year.



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