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When you send someone a gift on a special occasion, it is a good idea to send a letter accompanying it. This will make the gift more personalized and also prove to the recipient that you value him or her. A gift unaccompanied by a card or letter may appear materialistic, which is something that a letter will be able to rectify. The letter will convey that you really care about the person and you are not just getting a formality over with by sending a gift.

Here are some tips to write a gift letter:

  1. Convey your true feelings in the letter while keeping it concise.
  2. If you are sending the letter with an official gift, the letter will have to follow a formal format. However, if you are sending the gift and letter to friends or some acquaintances, you can afford to be casual.
  3. Being casual does not mean that punctuation, grammatical and spelling mistakes are allowed and you have to check the letter thoroughly for these.
  4. If you are sending the gift and letter on a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, remember to greet the person.

Gift Letter Sample






Date: _________(Date on which the letter was written)





Subject: Letter accompanying a gift

Dear Sir,

Please accept my humble gift on the occasion of your 40th birthday. I know that a birthday when you turn 40 is an important event in any person’s life. My gift conveys my heartiest greetings on this occasion and also expresses my wish that your life after 40 is full of happiness and joyful events. I hope you will like the little token of my love I have chosen to express my gratitude at having a friend like you and I wish you the best this year and every year of your life.

Wishing the best for you.

Thanking you,


Yours truly.

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