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Goodbye Love Letter

A goodbye love letter is usually written by a boyfriend to his girlfriend as a means of final adieu. Although he does not disclose reasons for his abrupt departure, he writes this letter only to tell her that he will never return. He tells her that she will always remain in his heart, thought and mind and that his heart bleeds to bid farewell.

Here are some useful tips to write a goodbye love letter:

  1. Start with saying goodbye and that you chose to write a letter since your heart will shatter to say goodbye in person.
  2. Mention that this is the most difficult thing you ever did.
  3. Mention that you can not disclose reasons for your departure except that this was fated to happen and that this time; you are leaving never to return.
  4. End by hoping she finds strength to overcome this pain. Say that she will always remain in your heart.

Goodbye Love Letter Sample


Dearest Nancy

I know your heart will shatter as you read on, but I can not leave without saying goodbye. I chose to write a farewell letter over bidding adieu in person since it will be unbearable to see the pain in your eyes.

Saying goodbye forever to you is the hardest thing I have done in my life. You will remain my only reason to live till my last breath. Our love and bonding has always seen us through good and trying times with equal ease. It is the same strength I muster to bid my final farewell today.

I can not explain reasons for my sudden flight. I can only say that fate is beyond our control and still driven by God. Earlier, you were the only reason I ever had to return whenever I moved away. This time around, I am leaving never to return.

I hope you find the strength to overcome this pain and move on in life. I am taking with me our memories of togetherness. You will always remain in my heart. Goodbye dearest.

Yours Beloved



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