Letter for Introducing a Product for Sale


A sample letter provided below is a letter introducing the new product for sale available in a market. In provided example, the letter is addressed to the partners who can be interested in a new product. Such a letter can be also addressed to the potential clients. The letter given below will explain you better.


Bob Marlon

(Herbal Tr. Ltd)
(32, Great Market)


(General Manager)
(M Beauty)

12 Angeli Road

(16 October 2010.)

Dear Mrs. Withdrow,

With this letter, we take our opportunity to introduce you one of our latest products (DIVINE body lotion) to you.

We can claim that our product is one of the best in the market today among the competitive products considering our price and quality. This claim is based on the feedback we received from our clients.

We would like ask you to try our product in one of our wellness centers. We are sure, that you will be satisfied with the results. One of our sales persons (Natalie Brier) will contact you very soon in order to give more details about our product and answer the questions you might have.

Thank you


Bob Marlon

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