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College Farewell Letter

Farewell letters to our friends are written on the last day of our college where all the students are going to disperse and give a start to a new beginning in their career. This letter cherishes lovely times spent in the college and all fun loving moments. A farewell letter indicates a good bond between all the friends and promises to be in touch in the future how ever busy we are. This is a letter for bidding a good by to all the ones present during the entire course.

St. Sezzy College,

University of Mumbai,

Mumbai, India.

Dear All,

I Suresh Kumar take a privilege to wish you all a good by and a good life ahead. We all will get separated and will be busy setting our careers ahead. It would be very difficult to be in touch at regular intervals but we all are sure that we will try to be in touch occasionally and specially through mails.

We all have had all fun moments in our college and during our lectures. We enjoyed every moment and our college was a place where each one of us enjoyed. Other than good education we have been receiving full development and foundation of our specialties. We all have been disciplined here ands are taught the exact meaning of life. We all are now perfectly ready to mold ourselves in our career and have a good life ahead. Last but not the least all the best for your future ahead.

Yours truly,

Suresh Kumar.

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