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Free Sales Letter

Writing a sales letter has become a strong medium of communication between an organisation and its clients. Sending a sales letter is far cheaper that to communicate by any other means. These letters can also act as a hard copy papers. They are considered more important and relevant in comparison with the verbal communication. These sales letters speaks about the organisation or business venture that has written. These sales letters reflects that how professional the business venture is. These sales letters discuss the professional matters. These sales letters are of very importance and enhance a trustworthy business relationship. These sales letters are used to promote products as well as to sort out any further problems also. In short the sales letters are written to carry out the business dealing smoothly. If the business personnel is not able to write a sales letter by himself he can hire some professional to do the same for him. Nowadays there are many free sales letter samples available on internet one can also take help from them.

Tips For Writing Sales Letter:

  1. As these letters act as a hard copy documents full care must be taken while writing them.
  2. No false promises and vague information should be provided.
  3. The letter should be brief and short.
  4. The letter must be simple and can be understood easily.
  5. The letter must be formal.

Free Sales Letter Sample:



Rayn Smith

234 row street


Sept 14, 2013

Dear Ryan,

We had a call from you that you are facing some problems with the product you purchased from us last week. Our products are of good quality and are reliable.

But still if you are facing inconvenience due to  our product our company will take care of that and fill offer free service to you in order to make things right. Our trained professional will be there to help you out.

You can also contact our customer care for more information.

Thanking you,


Yours truly,

Stiff Haden

Sales Head

MNU Ltd.

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