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General Sales Letter

Summary: You might have received many services and offers by different companies. General sales letters are used for this purpose. It includes the features, quality etc of products implemented by the company. In addition, it is used to inform the clients making aware of the products.

12th July 2010.

Steve Shane,

General Manager,

Wishes Handicrafts,

New York.

Dear Steve,

We (Planet Handcraft Producing Ltd), the manufacturer of many handcrafted textiles and other good quality products, want to work with you to produce the good quality handcrafted products that sell well in your stores. Our affordable price and quality textiles products are the reasons that make us stand from others. We have market and clients all over the world and we are working successfully. Our furniture products are also popular overseas.

Our products include a wide range of textiles, furniture, toys etc. You will be delighted due to the quality of our products and on time delivery of products. Our quality handicrafts products are earning good sales in our stores.

Therefore, this is to inform you to associate with us to implement great business deals. We will deliver quality products within the given timeframe. Please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Nicole.

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