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Product Update Sales Letter

Product update sales letter is used to inform the client about the improvement and up gradation of the product. If the company has improved the effectiveness and efficiency or has added any new features to the product then the business personnel write the product update sales letters to his clients. This letter is written to attract the customer towards the products and enhance it sales and profit margins. These letters are written to make the clients aware of the availability of the product with its new features. These letters help in effective marketing of the updated product and show that how it has become better than its previous version. These letters try and show the updated product more effective and attractive. The product update sales letter should contain clear information about what new features are introduced or updating is done in the product. These letters are highly professional and show the product to be very attractive and beneficial.

  • The letter should carry proper and appropriate details of the features that have been updated in the product.
  • These letters are tipped and not written by hand.
  • This letter should be impressive and display the product in attractive manner.
  • The information provided should be reliable and true.

Product Update Sales Letter Template


______________ (name and address of the recipient)


Date _____________

Dear _____________, (name of recipient)

We at RJ production are glad to inform you __________________________________ (introduce your company and updated product).

There are some products that have been updated ___________________________ (provide details about the new features that have been updated in the product).

We assure you that you will be fully satisfied with the quality of our products. We are looking forward for a positive response.


­­­­­­­­­­­­______________ (name, designation and company of the sender)



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Product Update Sales Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



Mr Max Patrik

RMN Beauty Clinic

Dear Max,

We at RJ production are glad to inform you about our new updated product. RJ Productions are one of the renowned names in the beauty care products. We have great collection of beauty care products.

There are some products that have been updated and have become more effective. The beauty care lotion that we provided has now introduced a new feature and that is to protect skin from harmful ultra violet rays. These products are also available now for all skin types. We assure you that your customer will be satisfied the end results of our products.



Marketing Manager,

RJ Productions.

Email Format

Vivek P,


Purchase Manager,


Dear Vivek,

Our company KK production, as you know is one of the popular and best cosmetic product providers in the world and serving people from a long time now. KK Production has one of the best collections and we are best providers for all home products. In addition, we are delighted to inform that there are many new products, which can help to increase your business.

The new products that are added in the list are more reliable and very efficient and getting huge success in market in short time span. The product that has made changes from older versions gives great results within a short time. They are easy and great in terms of performance. This can be your best chance to give your customer the best service.

Act fast to avail the new offers. To know more about the new products refer to the enclosed booklet.


Rajesh Gupta,

Marketing Manager,

KK Production.

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