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Product Update Sales Letter

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of old products by updating it is essential in business. If you are a product manufacturer then you have to inform your clients about the availability of updated products. This letter aids you in that task.

Vivek P,


Purchase Manager,


Dear Vivek,

Our company KK production, as you know is one of the popular and best cosmetic product providers in the world and serving people from a long time now. KK Production has one of the best collections and we are best providers for all home products. In addition, we are delighted to inform that there are many new products, which can help to increase your business.

The new products that are added in the list are more reliable and very efficient and getting huge success in market in short time span. The product that has made changes from older versions gives great results within a short time. They are easy and great in terms of performance. This can be your best chance to give your customer the best service.

Act fast to avail the new offers. To know more about the new products refer to the enclosed booklet.


Rajesh Gupta,

Marketing Manager,

KK Production.

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