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Sales Appointment Letter


The use of this letter is to confirm your customer about his/her appointment with you so that he/she can view your products. The letter starts with the confirmation of the appointment date and time. It then re-affirms the customer about the quality and range of products you have to offer so that he/she surely visits you.

Mr. Alan Robins,


Glitter Link Ltd.

120, Pelican Road,

New Zealand.

13th September 2010

Dear Mr. Robins,

This is to confirm our appointment on Tuesday morning at 10.30 am. We at Gem Glitter Ltd. are looking forward to meeting you to show our range of jewelry available with us.

As we have already informed you, we are specializing in handcrafted jewelry with fitted with precious gemstones. We source the best gemstones in the world for the handcrafted jewelry designed and made by our experienced craftsmen. The range of products includes necklaces, rings, bracelets and ear rings among others. We offer to create customized ornaments to satisfy your individual taste.

We are looking forward to meet you,

Yours truly,

Joe peters

Gem Glitter Ltd.

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