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Sales Letter Example

The sales letters are the effective tool for marketing strategy today. The business personnel use these sale letters to communicate with their clients and create a healthy relationship with them. These sales letters are professional form of describing ones product and services. These sales letters contain main details about the products that are to be sold. These example sales letters shows and explain that how the proposal of the product is given. These sales letters tends to enhance the sales of the products. The example sales letter describes the format in which the proposal for the product is to be provided to the clients. Generally these sales letters contains the reason for which the client may need the product and what are its benefits and advantage over others. The features of the product are described in these letters. It id also described that why the product is better than others in the market. In short these sales letters are the best way to describe that what your product is , why it will be needed and what advantages it has over others.

  • The first and foremost thing is that the sales example letter should be formal.
  • Secondly it should have no mistakes.
  • The information provided should be exact and there should be no vague information to create any kind of misunderstanding.
  • The letter should not be very long.
  • The letter should be to the point explaining every minute detail.

Sales Letter Example Template

Use our free Sales Letter Example to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



______________ (name, designation &
______________   Address of the recipient)


Date ___________ (date of issuing letter)


Dear ___________, (name of the recipient)

We at_______________ (introduce your company and products). We want to _________________ (state the purpose of the letter).

Our products have __________________________ (state the features and benefits of your product and also give the details of the offer provided by your company). You can try ________________ (restate your purpose).

For further information you can visit ___________________ (provide you website address or contact info).

Yours truly,

____________ (name, designation and company of the sender)




Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Sales Letter Example Sample, Email and Example/Format


Mr John Rides
R S Accountants,
45 Row Street,
HY56 1 RL

Sept 12, 2013

Dear Mr John,

Do you face problems during calculating the tax retunes of the customers. Is your staffs buried under extensive work load? We are extremely glad to provide a solution for you. Smooth Software are the best way to overcome your problem.

Our tax professional and the software designers collective have innovated new software that will help you manage your work load in an effective manner. This software is able to keep records and keeps on online updating them so that your client can also view them. There is an option for the clients also that if they want to edit and add any important changes they can do that. The tax calculations are carried out quickly.

For more details you can log on to our website Feel free to contact us for any queries.

Yours truly,


Mark Taylor,
Marketing Manager,
Smooth Software


Email Format

The example sales letter illustrates how a product proposal can be given to the customers. The reason why the customer may need your product and the advantages of using it is given. Your product’s salient features, the reason for it being the best option and the kind of service you would provide is described in the letter.

Dear Mr. Rees,

Do you encounter problems while calculating tax returns of your clients? Your staff is finding it difficult to cope with the workloads? Then we are in a position to help you. High Street software has the solution for your troubles.

Our software developers and the tax professionals have got together to develop new software to ease the workload of your staff. This software will enable you to have records and keep on updating them online to enable your clients to view them. Also the clients have the option to edit them to add the necessary changes. The calculation of taxes could be carried out within minutes.

If you like to have more details of the software you are welcome to visit us at

Yours truly,

Joe Taylor,
Marketing Manager,
High Street Software


Sales Letter Example Generator

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