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Travel Sales Letter

Summary: A travel sales letter should carry all the details of your dealing. It should provide all the merits to know the details by reading the letter itself. Only a well-written sales letter will be given importance. Here is one great example of travel sales letter.

Lucy Wills

65 park street

Maiden rings, USA 65524

March 25, 2009

Mr. Jack Wilson

Resourcing Manager,

Trade Flight letter,

58 Valley Street

Big City, USA 75423

Dear Mr. Jack: I came across your company information at overpower.com and I have to say the high standards trapped my concentration. We would like you to sell our products in your flights. They certainly match your standards. We have an excellent repute of rewarding customers’ needs and we hand out immediately. We have focused in drinks that are produced and packed for travel sales. The journey packages have become so well accepted with other travel companies due to their expediency.

Our sales team is skilled and they are what I can call sales masters. They are able to multitask as well as think instantly. I am writing this travel sales letter to request you to do dealing with us. We can organize for a meeting for more discussions.

Yours Sincerely,


Lucy Wills

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