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Sample Termination Letter

Termination letters are one of the most widely used official letter. It can be classified as per the content of the letter. The most important feature of this kind of letter is that it should depict a sense of sorry for the receiver. Termination literally means denial that means you are denying someone from your company or his services.

  • There is no place for any mistakes.
  • The letter should depict a respect for the receiver.
  • It should end with a best of luck message.

Sample Termination Letter Template

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Date: _________ (The date when the latter was originally written)





Subject: Letter stating the denial of your services

Respected Sir,

On behalf of our company it is my duty to inform you that your software services have been terminated by the board of directors of our company. The decision was made because of the glitch that constantly damaged the hardware of the computer. The software and the database designed by you were not secure and our main files were hacked.

This is a serious time for both of us. The files that were hacked from our main computers resulted in important loses including your termination. The payments are not dispatched as the enquiry is still going on. As soon as the enquiry is completed and the police department gives you a green flag the payments will be dispatched.

I hope that the problem will be seriously taken at your end. Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,


Name and Signature


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Sample Termination Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



__________ (Name of the writer of the Letter)

__________ (His/her designation and company’s name)

__________ (Sender’s address)

Date: __________ (Writer wrote this letter on this very day)


__________ (Name of the person whom the letter is written)

__________ (His designation)

__________ (His address)

Subject: Letter to terminate the construction contract

Respected Sir,

It is on my part on behalf of our company to inform you that your construction contract has been terminated. The termination is dated on XYZ. The decision of the termination was made by all the senior officials. The reason of this termination was the poor quality material that was used by your engineers during the reconstruction of the dam in the banks of Hooghly River.

Our technicians caught the engineer red handed. The complaint letter has been launched in the local Police Station. One of the copies has been mailed to you in your company’s general Mail id. All your stuffs had been posted back to you.

About the payments, they are yet to be dispatched. The payments will be dispatched after the full enquiry. I hope that this problem will be looked after and such glitch will not be repeated.

Thanking you.


Yours Faithfully,


Name and Signature (of sender)


Email Format



City, state zip.


Sub: Dismissal  letter

During your five months of employment with(name of the company) the management has informed you three times in their appraisal sessions that your performance is not up to the standards of your position and you had also been given areas where you have to show improvement.

We regret to say that you have not come up to our expectations and that your performance has been unsatisfactory. The management has therefore decided to relieve you of your services with immediate effect.
A meeting was conducted on (specify the date) and we discussed (give reasons of termination). Based on the reviews of the comments and the unsatisfactory performance you are requested to please hand over charge on (date).

You are requested to approach the concerned departments for your final dues.

(Signature of the Authorize)


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