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Service Termination Letter

Termination letter are an essential part of official letters. Formal letter are of many types, termination is one of them. These are mainly written to sack someone from the organization. After sacking or throwing he out he do not receives any types of benefits. Not even the provident fund. Although some company have the provision of giving half of the provident fund. These letters are written to those persons who do not abide the rules and regulations that are followed in a company.

  • The letter should be checked for any mistakes.
  • The language should be descent.
  • Not even a slightest trace of disrespect should be depicted.

Service Termination Letter Template

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Date: __________ (letter writer wrote the letter on this very day)





Subject: Denial of further services

Respected Sir,

It is on me to give you the bad news that your services are terminated. That means you will not act as our manufacturer. The reason being simple and that is cheaper and more advanced goods with extra facilities. All of your payments and bills extra are sent to you in your office

It is also necessary for you to know that the decision was made by the senior officials of the company including the marketing director the decision is irrevocable. I hope that you will soon find another contract, hence forth boosting up your life. Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,


Name and signature


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Service Termination Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



__________ (name of the writer of the letter)

__________ (designation of the writer)

__________ (address of the letter writer)

Date: __________ (Sender of the letter wrote the letter on this very date)


___________ (name of receiver as in letter)

___________ (designation of the receiver as in letter)

___________ (address of the receiver as in letter)

Subject: Termination of the software development services

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that we are hereby denying any contract with your company. The decision was made by the senior officials and cannot be changed. You’re developed many software’s for us. The reason behind the denial is that our company found a new cheaper company in the market. It is also mentionable that the developments made by you were not up to the mark and had some glitches in them. The glitches that occurred were really harmful for the health of the main computer.

All your stuffs and payments are been delivered at your office. The payments are reduced a bit for the servicing of the glitches. The payments I hope that you find the best way to flourish in the future. Hope you will avoid glitches in life. Thanking you.


Yours Sincerely,


Name and Signature


Email Format

The letter intends to inform your client that you are no more willing to provide any services to him/her since he/she has not been paying bills regularly on time. You mention about the contract that has been signed between you as a reference which reasons out your act of terminating your services towards him/her. You also request the client to pay the outstanding bills. Through this letter communicate those problems and your future decision to work with this company. Here is a good sample regarding the same.

Ref:  Our Service Contract dated 20th October, 2009.

We would like to bring it to your notice that as per our present service contract cited above, our services towards you stands cancelled owing to delayed and irregular payments by your establishment. Our services to you remain terminated with effect from 20th February 2010.

We request you to kindly make the payment for all the outstanding bills by 10th February 2010.

Yours truly,

Lakshman Kumar




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