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Termination Letter – Tenancy Termination Letter


This letter lets your tenant know that you are canceling his/her tenancy and will no more be interested in renting your premises to him/her. It states that the non-prompt rent payments are the reason for you to take this action and this is in line with the lease agreement you both have signed earlier. You request the tenant to vacate your place and make all the due payments.


Ms. Shilpa Dilip

#90, 5th Cross

Jalahalli, Bangalore-13

Phone: 23394941

10th January, 2010


M/S Mount Batten Hospital

# 236, 1st main

Jalahalli (west)


Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Termination of our Tenancy Lease Deed.

Ref:  Our Tenancy Lease Deed dated 20th October, 2009.

As per the information in the lease deed enclosed above, your tenancy has been cancelled due to your delayed and irregular payment of monthly rent. The lease termination holds good from 20th February 2010 and hence I request you to vacate the premises within 1st March 2010.

I also request you to please make all your due payments towards the rent by 10th February 2010. I want new tenant to live in this place so please vacant the same soon.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Shilpa Dilip

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