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Termination Letter – Termination Letter for Absenteeism

Talking about the termination letter they have many causes. One of them as mentioned here is absenteeism. Absenteeism is nothing but irregularity of a person. A person taking too many holidays is not preferred in an organization. Hence they are terminated. Although this is a termination letter still the element of respect has to be maintained. The main purpose of writing such a letter is to free them from all benefits of the company.

  • The letter should be checked carefully for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • The letter should show any kind of disrespect.
  • The reason of termination should be mentioned properly.
  • The letter should be written with great precision.
  • The letter should end with a best of luck.

Termination Letter – Termination Letter for Absenteeism Template

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Date: __________ (letter writer wrote the letter on this very day)


Subject: Letter of termination for the trainee

Respected Sir,

It is very harsh to inform you that you are terminated from our organizations. It was a decision of the whole board of directors. The reason which resulted such a terrible thing is you irregularity in our organization. As per the regulations of our company it is not acceptable that a trainee absents without any reason. A show cause has to be presented, as a fact it you did not presented any of this.

One more thing that should be informed to you is that not only you lost your internship but you won’t be achieving any certificates. I hope that you find a glorious future up ahead. Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,

Name and Signature


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Termination Letter – Termination Letter for Absenteeism Sample, Email and Example/Format


__________ (name of the sender of the letter)
__________ (designation of the sender)
__________ (address of the letter sender)
Date: __________ (Writer of the letter wrote the letter on this very date)

___________ (name of receiver of the letter)
___________ (designation of the letter)
___________ (address of the letter receiver)

Subject: termination letter for the receiving employee

Respected Sir,

It is on my part to bring in the notice for you that you have been terminated from our organization. The decision was made by all the senior officials, including the board of directors. The reason lying behind this termination is your irregularity. As per the rules and regulation of our company too many holidays are not at all acceptable.

Too many cuts without any proper reason resulted in a termination. You are just the victim of it. A person of your capability, getting a termination is really a sad thing to happen. I hope that you will find another job where your talent will be fully exploited. I hope that your future is bright and glorious. Thanking you.


Yours Sincerely,

Name and Signature


Email Format

Mr. Danny Mendez,

Protocol Corp.,

45- Mint Street,


Dear Mr. Mendez,

We are very sad and feeling apologetic to inform you that you are being terminated from the company due to recurrent absenteeism even after proper notice. You are increasing your no. of leaves by 15 days in the precedent two months. The assingment which was supposed to close before a week is pending till now and its all because of your leaves.

You have been given many memos and still you go on continuing with the same and do not obey the company’s practice. This has enforced us to give out this termination letter to you. We voluntarily ask you to depart the company by the end of this month and your dues will be settled when you leave.

Thanking you

Mr. Sam Lawson

(Director Disciplinary Committee)

Protocol Corp.


Termination Letter – Termination Letter for Absenteeism Generator

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