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Termination Letter – Termination Letter for Absenteeism

Summary: A termination letter for absenteeism is sent to the person who absents himself frequently forgetting about the job responsibility. The letter is sent, informing him to leave the company. This can be a difficult time for both but if things are not working well then it’s the last step. The below letter will give a clear idea of how you can frame such a letter.

Mr. Danny Mendez,

Protocol Corp.,

45- Mint Street,


Dear Mr. Mendez,

We are very sad and feeling apologetic to inform you that you are being terminated from the company due to recurrent absenteeism even after proper notice. You are increasing your no. of leaves by 15 days in the precedent two months. The assingment which was supposed to close before a week is pending till now and its all because of your leaves.

You have been given many memos and still you go on continuing with the same and do not obey the company’s practice. This has enforced us to give out this termination letter to you. We voluntarily ask you to depart the company by the end of this month and your dues will be settled when you leave.

Thanking you

Mr. Sam Lawson

(Director Disciplinary Committee)

Protocol Corp.

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