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Business Thank you Letter

Summary: After successful negotiations and signing a contract for cooperation it’s always good to write a “business thank you “letter to your partners to express your gladness for collaborating with them. It makes you to look even more professional in business. If you want to send this letter to any of your business partners then follow the sample is provided below:


(Grimure Software Limtied)

(52 Lampshire Road)

(Tompshire, England)


(General Manager)

(Merfit technology Ltd)

(London England)

21 August 2010

Dear Mr. Kender,

I wish to express my sincere gladness for our agreement. It is really a great honour to cooperate with you. I wish to thank you for considering us as partners and I am sure we are going to bring our companies to the new levels through our cooperation.

I want also to thank you for your warm welcome of our team at your office. Whenever you visit our city, please let us know for arranging the meeting.

We are looking forward to start our cooperation and we are sure that together we are going to achieve a lot of success in our activities.

Thanking you again.

Best wishes,

Adam Sander

(Sales Manager)

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