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Thanks Letter – Thank Someone for a Job Well Done

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Dear Name,

I am pleased to inform you that I am very thankful to the security guard _________ (name) of your parking area who was vigilant enough and who saved me from losing my bag in the parking lot. After finishing my shopping when I went to the parking lot I was alone and with lot of cash in my bag.

It’s only when I got in, I realized that two men were following me in the pretext of taking their car out, but they were actually following me for the bag and tried to snatch the bag from me. I was really worried and scared as one fellow was with a pistol. I started screaming in the meantime the guard sensed something wrong in the area and alerted the police. It was his alertness and confidence that the police came on time and saved me from the two men. I am really thankful to him for what he had done. It was his common sense and sense of judgment, which helped the police to reach on time.

As a token of thanks I would like to forward a small gift to him.



Your name.

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