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Thank You Letter – Sample Thank You Letter

One of the two magic words is “thank you” and the other one is “sorry”. These words actually work like a magic wand. Thanks may be given for anything that an individual may have done for the other that has helped the former. No matter what mood a person may be in, when s/he is saying “thank you” the tone automatically softens. We can thank friends; family, strangers and even God if we want show our attitude of gratitude to them.

A Thank You Letter is one such letter where just showing gratitude in words is either not enough or not possible. Not enough means that the gesture done was so overwhelming that just these two words were too small to express the feeling. Not possible means if the person who needs to be thanked may not be available for the verbal thanks.

A Thank You letter should be very crisp and beautiful. The letter should be written as soon as the gesture has been done and acknowledged. It should feel as if the person is thanking the reader personally. The reason why the reader is being thanked should be clearly mentioned in the letter. If the gesture that is being thanked has helped the writer in some way or the other, then that too should be a part of the letter. A Thank You Letter may be written in some decorative font to make it look as pretty as the content of the letter.


  • A Thank You Letter should be written as soon as the gesture has been done
  • It should be short and crisp
  • It should clearly state the reason for its existence
  • Since it may be both a formal or informal letter, it can by typed or even hand written
  • Those adjectives should be used in the letter that bring about the feeling of warmth and gratitude
  • The font may also be different in the Thank You Letter as compared to the other letter types


__________ (Date)

Dear _____________ (name of recipient)

You will be extremely delighted to learn that I have passed by class 12th examinations and have secured the top rank all over India for Commerce in CBSE board.

I would like to thank you for your untiring support in teaching me the principles of mathematics that I found difficult to understand. You burnt the midnight oil with me and made sure that the concepts were crystal clear to me before deciding to move on to the next one.

The credit for my score totally goes to you and I can never thank you enough for your selfless help.

Please do not hesitate to call me if, God forbid, you need my help at any hour of the day.

Thank you once again.

Best regards,

(Name of the writer)

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