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Apology Letter For Out Of Stock Item

Apology letters or sorry letters are address for accepting any mistake and saying sorry for the same mistake taking in to consideration that receiver should accept this apology. Whenever apology letter written it should brief the reason for making a mistake and assurance of not making the same mistake again. The have to state the relation between the writer and the receiver.

Mr. James A. Fabian

General Manager-Unicorn Associates Pvt. Ltd

4298 Berry Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80915

07 September, 2010


Dear, Mr. James

I Mr. Steven E. Hood-Customer Relation Manager of Sky hope Marketing and Selling Pvt. Ltd hereby inform you that the goods are out of stock for which you have made the order on 5th of September, 2010. On this date you have place the order with us number 782 for 10,000 Bislleri Bottles and you have already paid the advance of Rupees 50,000. But currently we are unable to provide you the delivery of 10,000 bottles because out limited stock items in our inventory. I have checked with all our inventories but the stock is not available anywhere. We are assuming the stock will be there till 15th of September, 2010 and any which way your order is at the top of our waiting list. So by 15th September, 2010 we will for sure clear your order. I apologies on behalf of my company for the inconveniences caused to you because of us. Hope you will understand our situation and kindly cooperate with us.

Yours truly,

Mr. Steven E. Hood

Customer Relation Manager- Sky Hope Marketing and Selling Pvt. Ltd

2665 Jacobs Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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