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Letter to Apologize For a Billing Error

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for informing us that there is misprint in the bill .We are extremely sorry for the error the typist made by mistake she added an extra zero in the amount for the ________ item. We understand how it would have affected you. As you had to travel all the way from your place to the showroom to inform us about this error. We assure you such mistake will not be repeated in future. We know that you have been a valuable customer of our shop and this is the first time such a mistake happened and I understand it would have been very annoying.

We appreciate you informing about the error and allowing us to rectify the error.

We have made the adjustment and I am sending the remaining amount along with an employee please collect and we again apologize for the inconvenience caused and would like to serve you better in future.

Hope this will not affect our business relation


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