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Dear Sir,

This is in reference to the problem we are facing everyday because of the loud music from your house. My children are both studying in higher secondary school and the music from your house is disturbing them in their studies.

I can understand that for once in a while partying and having such music is okay but now it had become a regular affair and has became a cause of disturbance. I understand that everyone has the right to enjoy but the volume of the television is there from morning to evening and the loud music is very disturbing. Please take care of it as volume is distracting us from work and children get distracted from the studies. I am sure you will understand how important is the class X and XII exams. My mother is very old and is a heart patient who is bed ridden and needs good sleep at night. But the loud noise from your flat she is not sleeping well and her health is getting affected.

I have been trying to meet you and discuss this but I was told that you were away on a business tour.

Hope you understand our problem and reduce the volume so that we can stay in a Friendlier manner.


Your Name.

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