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Condolence Letter Death

Condolence letter is very effective to person who has just loss his loved one. You can convey your sympathy on his loss by writing a condolence letter using very kind and supportive words. The letter must be short as it may not be the proper time to read a letter for the grieving person. It will be better if you can write it in your own handwriting.

Here is the sample of condolence letter to a friend on death of his brother.


David N. Howard

1197 Oak Avenue
Chicago, IL 60606


Jeffrey R. Davenport

668 Pickens Way
Corsicana, TX 75110

2nd September 2010

Dear Jeffrey

It is with heavy heart that I got the news of death of your brother. Please accept my blessings and condolences on this sad occasion. I wanted to come on the funeral but I am out of country for some official meeting.

I got shocked when I got the news as I had a telephonic conversation with John before a week. So, it’s really heart breaking news. I will definitely meet you after I come back. In the mean time you can contact me for any type of help.


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