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Official Condolence Letter

Official condolence letters are written by company or any office colleague on death of team member or his relative. The condolence letter gives sympathy to the grieving person and helps him strength to face the difficult situation. The letter must be written with very kind and soft language. Here is the sample of official condolence letter written on death of a colleague to his wife.


Mrs. Laura D. Lavelle

4822 Charter Street
Kansas City, KS 66223

Dear Madam

Please accept by deep condolences on the death of your husband Late Mr. John S. West. We were working on the same project and he was very hard working and enthusiastic member of our team. It is really very tough for me to believe that now he is not with us.

But as we know that it is the circle of life and we have to accept hard realities of death. I know that you and your children have hard time ahead so; my all best wishes are with you. May God help you and give you strength to overcome from this tough time. I am working to get all the post death documents as soon as possible and in the mean time you are free to ask for any help.


John S. West

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