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Sample Congratulations Letter On Publishing A Book




Dear friend

I hope this letter finds you and your family in the best of health and spirits. It was nice to hear you have got your first book published. It was really a delight to hear that it has been fairing well in the market.

I also bought a copy of the book, the way you have mixed the fact with the fiction was delightful and the ending of the book was really full of surprises. It has been your long wish to be a writer and finally you got your book published. We always knew that your talent of writing the book will fetch you name and fame.

The story in the book is well trodden and you are at your usual best in narration. I wish that book breaks all records of sales. But in this moment of celebration I will like to caution you to take each step with care. Be careful in publicity of the book so that it gets the necessary and right kind of attention.

Give my love to your wife and children.

Yours loving


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