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Congratulations Promotion Letter

This is a congratulations promotion letter. The letters regarding congratulations should be represented properly. The congratulations letters can be formal or they can be informal. The tone of the writer while writing congratulations letter should be positive and polite one. Thus these kind of letters should be given good presentation.


Mike Punting,

72- road,

Top Street,


(Subject)- Congratulations promotion letter.

Dear friend Ronny,

I am feeling very happy today to congratulate you as you got promotion. I got the news two days before that you are promoted from the post of junior manager to the post of senior manager. You really deserved that promotion. You were a employee of that company since 10 years. In these 10 years you have served the company a lot. With your skills, hard work, intelligence you have contributed to the companies success. Due to all these reasons you had to get promotion.

Personally I am very happy to see you getting successful in your life. This time also it was very delightful to hear about your success. I hope god bless you and give you pink of health. I will always ask god to give you everything that you need in your life. He may bless you with lot of happiness in your future.

Give my love to your children and regards to your parents.

Your’s affectionately,

James Stephenson.

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