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School Farewell Letter

The farewell letter is something that always carries some emotional burst. It is not easy to write a farewell letter. The farewell letter or the farewell is not actually the goodbye but it means the end of a period. The organization you work for there are some emotional attachment you will find and it tough to leave them. Especially the desk, the chair you used to sit, the friends, the canteen everything carries some memory that makes it tough to leave. When it is tough to say farewell to a place you used to work professionally then it can be understood easily that how tough it could be to leave the school for the students. Many times you may found that some students are leaving the school depending on various issues. The most common reason that is found for school leaving of a student is nothing but the transfer of his or her parents. It is tough for a child to leave a school as the emotional attachment with the class rooms, friends and the fun time spend together is real heavy on the heart. Before leaving the school the students are up to writing an emotional farewell letter. It can be written to two concerns. One can be written to the teacher and another one can be written to the class friends.

It not at all tough to write a farewell letter from the technical aspect but it is tough to write the letter with heavy heart and it may drown the eyes with water. The general tips of writing the school farewell letter are:

  • The selection of the words must be careful as it carries lots of emotion. Wrong words can lead you to a miscommunication.
  • The miscommunication may lead you to a bad farewell.
  • The emotion towards the friends should be shown carefully and no fake emotion should be provided.
  • It is better not to write a farewell letter rather than providing fake emotion.
  • If you are writing the letter to the teacher mention your standard and roll number along with the name so they can recognize you properly. Sometimes same name can create misunderstanding.

School farewell letter Sample


Dear teacher,

Sir I would like to put this letter into your kind attention that I am a student of 9th standard section B, roll number 35, Akashdeep Mondol, leaving this school. I am writing this letter with the heavy heart that I will be missing this school so much. I will miss the teachers and the friends of mine and of course the time I have spent in this school. This could be the best of times in my life and I have spent that with you people. I am leaving this school as my father has been transferred to Delhi. I would be taking admission to some school in Delhi. Apart from everything I would like to mention that you are the best teacher I had and thank you very much for being so supportive all the time.

All I need a good blessing from you that I could be successful in my life and wish you a very good life in future.

Thanking you.


Akashdeep Mondol (9B)

School Farewell Letter Template


Use our free School Farewell Letter Template to help you get started hassle free. Simply download the .doc file and customize it for your situation. If you need additional help with how to word things check out some of the sample letters below.

Sample School Farewell Letter Template


Dear Sir,

I would like to put this into your kind attention that I, (_____________ mantion your identity in the school_________), am going to leave the school on the earliest as (______________ mention the reason____________). I will be taking admission to (___________ mention the school name ________).

I need your blessing for being successful in my life.

Thanking you.


(__your anme__)

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