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Fundraising Donation Letter

With this vast growing world and economy, funds are becoming depleted by the second you walk. Things are become expensive in life so you might lack enough funds to be able to do something. So you would probably need to request for a donation from a few people or volunteers. A fundraising donation letter will well suit your needs to achieve this. You can write to specific donors and request for funds to be able to raise the adequate money to satisfy your needs as a charity group or as an individual. Depending on the purpose of the donation, you will be able to write accordingly and use the right format.

Writing the best donation letter

Asking for someone else’s money is hard so this is why you need a letter to avoid that face to face moment. Writing a letter you can easily convey your message in all the ways possible so that you will be able to get enough donors. With a few tips on writing this letter below you are ready to raise funds for that cause. So follow these steps and wait for the best.

Get personal – since you are asking for a boost financially, you need to get to a personal level with the donor, make him or her understand where you are coming from.

Be emotional – the reality is you need to be emotional with your donor. If you want to raise money make sure to connect emotionally with the receiver and capture them thus pushing them to donate.

Formality – When jotting down a fundraising letter you need to be very formal and use a serious tone. This will be able to show the importance of the fundraiser. But do not be over to formal writing as if you are conversing with the recipient.

Detailed information – while writing make sure to give all the details about the fundraiser and also the important issues, for example, why you need the funds, the amount to donate and also the dates of the fundraiser.

With this few pointers you are now a professional writer in this world of donation and funds.

Fundraising Donation Letter Sample


Winy Angaya

Physical address: Nairobi, Kenya

P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

Dear Brenda,

We are once again planning our annual fundraising to be held on 5th august  at the city center. We are also pleased to inform you that our last year’s fundraiser we were able to raise 150,000 shillings               making it possible for the construction of the new home shelter.

We would like to invite you to this annual fundraising, and ask you to donate a fairly amount of 50,000 shillings. This would go toward the building of a rehab centers in our city park.

We would more that appreciate it if you attended this even. You are well known and also we thank you for all your previous donations.

Hope to see you soon.

Best Regards,

Winy Angaya


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