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Mission Trip Fundraising Letter

Mission trip letter is written to raise funds for a trip for needy children. This letter is a request to gather funds for an exciting trip to a Cathedral church. These children no nothing and for their trip to be a grand success this fund is gathered from common people from this charity home.

Mrs. July Lois

21ST Lane House No.13

South East, London

Dear Mrs. Lois

We are writing this letter to each and every family residing on this lane to contribute for an event to help small kids who cannot afford any kind of luxuries. This event is to arrange a trip to Cathedral Church in London on this Christmas Eve. These poor children will be very happy to visit such a beautiful site.

These helpless kids would be really delighted if I make their trip a great success. Our charity house helps such kids and many other homeless children. We all will appreciate if you contribute for this event.

As we have approached all the homes in this vicinity we will be very grateful if you invite your other friends and relatives for charity. Feel free to contact us when ever you feel like. The charity funds can be sent to our official address or online payment facility is also easily available.

Thank you,

Saile Jones

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