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Non profit Fundraising Letter

Nonprofit organizations help the children in need and also give them a life style which is very much required by them. These organizations work for the betterment for of these children and are non profit oriented.

July 4th 2010

Dear Friends,

Our charity home is one of the very well known welfare units of Southern India. From the past twelve years our charity home is known for the betterment of homeless children.

Rainbow Welfare Homes has been providing good education along with all the food and shelter requirements to the abandoned children. There are many people who help us in different ways. Due to recession we have been crises in managing our charity home. As we do provide a good vocational back up along with regular studies there are many children who need this kind of help entering our institution.

Please do help us in any aspect you can and be a part of this welfare unit. We will expect donation in any form from your side. Please feel free to contact us whenever you feel like. Our official address is mentioned and our contact numbers are 1234567. please do call us on the official lines.

Thank you for all your coordination.


Neil Henry.

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