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Political Fundraising Letter

Political fundraising letter helps in donation and also encourages people having political links to work for the welfare units. This letter asks for a donation to help the people in need and small children who require a good sum of money for their daily needs.

Mr. Mear Jessi

Finance Director

Jessi & Company Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Jessi

This letter is written on behalf of Mr. Richard Sammy, Senior Officer of the Sweet Homes Republic Society, with regards to the fundraising program held this year. Enclosed with this letter is the format to donate the funds along with the bank account number. This format needs to be filled duly and sent back to us.

A few arrangements regarding the sponsors are yet to be done and therefore once the final list of the sponsor hoardings comes up we will be done with the arrangements. As we are very much aware that you are one of the active donors of our charity society we expect a good sum of funds from your side.

There is a small get-together arranged for the donors are youer presence is very much expected. Please do give your important presence during the get together and also do help is with a good sum of donation for this unit.

Thanking you,

Harry Spinner.

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