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School Fundraising Letter

School fundraising letters are written to encourage parents and students to work for such charity institutes. This helps the children to know what is working for such charities. The parents who cannot devote time for such events can cover their presence by donating funds for such welfare and the rest can help in their own ways. Such letters create a good bonding between school management and the students which really helps in many ways.

August 7, 2010

Dear Parents and Friends,

As we all are very much aware that every year on the Children’s Day we as an institute we help the children who are less fortunate. On this day we try and make such children happy and give them happy moments. This year our school management is going to help parents suffering from leprosy.

We all are expecting donations from all of you in any manner. Donation in the form of money, clothes, food grains or any other required articles will be accepted. This event is organized in our school assembly hall. This program is an open event and all of you arte invited.

This event is expected to be a grand success and a good cooperation is expected from all of you.

Yours Sincerely,

Delly More (Headmistress)

Saint Genny Higher Secondary School

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