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Grievance Letter

“Right to expression” is every human’s right. Anyone can express her/his pleasure or displeasure about any service or product s/he may have used or bought. The expression of displeasure is a “grievance”. A grievance may be either expressed verbally or through a mail or even through a letter. It is imperative that every customer or user gives her/his feedback to the company whose product or service they are using. This enables the company to work on its weak areas and further strengthen its strong side.

A Grievance Letter is a tool in the hands of the customer to give candid constructive feedback to the company about its products or services. It is the right of every customer and every customer should use it. But a Grievance Letter should not only talk about something that the customer is not happy with. Instead it should also highlight some good points about the company and its products or services to give the feeling to the company that the customer is not just of a complaining nature.


  • A Grievance Letter should be written as soon as a bad or negative experience has been faced after using a product or service
  • But the letter should not only talk about the unpleasant experience. It should also include the good points experienced by the individual
  • Since the grievance is with the product or service and not with a particular individual in the organization, the letter should not get personal with any employee
  • The grievance should always be related to the experience that should be clearly mentioned in the letter
  • Details of the product as well as the invoice should also be included in the letter for the company to trace the sale comfortably
  • Even though the nature of the letter is to share a grievance, the tone should not sound authoritative. Instead it should sound as if a solution is being solicited
  • If the product is within the warranty period then that too should be mentioned in the letter with a copy of the warranty papers enclosed with the letter
  • The letter should be thoroughly checked for any grammatical or punctuation errors
  • It should ideally be personally signed by the writer to give it that personal touch
  • A Grievance Letter should preferably be typed
  • It should be short and crisp


______________ (Name of person)

______________ (Name of organization)

_______________ (Address)

________________ (Name and address of sender)

_________________ (Date)

Subject: Dissatisfied with after sale service

Dear Sir or Madam

I had purchased a 32” LCD television from ____________ (name and address of outlet) vide Invoice number ________ dated __________. I was promised that the installation of my television set would be done within 2 working days. I am afraid that with 5 days gone by and my repeated telephone calls at the toll free customer service number, my set still remains uninstalled.

When any customer picks up a product of your company, s/he swears by the after sale service. Even I have other products of your company installed in my house and have never faced a similar problem. I am surprised how I am caught up in such a situation this time around.

I have great expectations from your company and would appreciate if my grievance were handled on priority.

I look forward to a speedy action on my request.

Best regards,

(Name of sender)

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