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Insurance Cancellation Letter

Insurance Cancellation Letter is written to the insurance company when an individual does not want to continue to pay premiums to the concerned insurance company. Usually insurance company policies do not impose any restriction which prohibits the right for cancellation of the policy. Before drafting the letter it is necessary to review the information which is given with the policy so that right procedure is taken up for the cancellation of the policy. The procedure for cancellation is simple and it can be communicated through a letter to the concerned authority in the insurance company.

The following tips will be useful in drafting an insurance cancellation letter.

1. Go through the policy carefully to know the correct procedure for cancellation.

2. Mention clearly that you would like to discontinue the payment of premiums and want to cancel the existing policy.

3. You should state that the charges regarding premium payments should be stopped with immediate effect.

4. Mention your policy number clearly so that it will be easier for tracking your previous payment records.

5. It is better if you can find out the name of the concerned authority so that the letter can be directly addressed to the concerned person.

Insurance Cancellation Letter  Sample





_____________ ( your address)




_____________  ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

Subject: insurance cancellation

Dear Sir,

Please accept this letter as a formal request for cancelling my life insurance policy, 108978, with immediate effect. I request you to stop all charges and debits as well related to the payments. I can produce receipts of all premium paid during the tenure of this policy.

I hereby request to cancel and return the premium I have paid earlier. This cancellation request should be processed within a 30 day period from the date of this letter.

I request you to send a cancellation confirmation letter related to the policy. Please treat the matter as urgent and process it at the earliest.

Yours Sincerely,


Thomas Alva

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