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Business Introduction Letter Format

Summary: Below there are instructions to the proper format of Business Introduction letter. It is useful to know the proper letter writing in order to look professional when introducing the business to your potential partners or clients. The format of the Business introduction letter is the following.

The format of the paper is A4. The layout of the letter should be withering semi-blocked, blocked. Fully blocked is also acceptable. In the beginning of the letter you should mention the sender’s name, designation, address and date. All the above should be mentioned at the left higher corner of the page.

The letter begins with the words “Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs.

The first paragraph should be used for introducing yourself very briefly; the second paragraph is all about your company and products/services it offers. The third paragraph should mention the main purpose of the letter by formulating your key proposal.

The letter ends with such words as “Sincerely,” “Respectfully,” “Best regards”.

Close the letter with the signature and designation mentioned.

If there are any enclosed documents it should be mentioned in the end of the letter. The entire letter should be typed in a single spacing throughout.

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