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Business To Business Introduction Letter

Summary: To write a business introduction letter is a formal way to express your intention to be in a business deal with another entity. A good letter will make your deals be easily considered as long as it is written properly. To write this winning letter, here is sample that you can refer to.

Jasper Smith,

STI Corp…

May23, 2009

Mr. Ronald Alberts,


Alberts Ltd.,


Dear Alberts,

I would like to commend you for the very informative speech on power conservation during the convention. I really appreciate how you have been very concerned with the ecosystem and how to protect it.

With this regard, ou company STI Corp, would like to introduce our solar cookers. As a company, we have been present in the market for a year now. The solar cookers have many good things to offer to you. I am very interested in meeting you for me to explain the business deals that we can offer to you.

I will be calling you regarding the deal that I am going to offer to you. It is our pleasure to be your partner in a business deal.


Jasper Smith,

Senior Sales Head.


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