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Introduction Letter to Customer

Summary: A letter for a customer to introduce your services is a great marketing strategy. A good letter contains all the necessary information about your business and the services that you offer. If you are writing a letter to your customer and your dont know how to start it, refer to our sample below.

Mr. Peter Smith

65 Celica Street


September 25, 2009

Dear Sir,

We are proud to announce that we have just opened a new office for Elements Consultancy right beside your door. We are located at 65 Celica Street, Manila.

In relation to your profession as a programmer we would like to offer our services when you need one. Eversince our business was established we always had an image of being a dependable and reliable firm. It  is our commitment that you can depend on us for our services. Our services have lots of advantages to our clients with which I can explain to you if you find time to visit us. We would really appreciate if you will try our services and I assure you that we offer good and quality service. Please visit us at your most convenient time.

Looking forward for your immediate responce.

Mr. Peter Smith

General Manager

Elements Consultancy

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