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New Salesperson Introduction Letter

Summary: Introducing a new salesperson can be done through a letter. This will make it easy for your loyal customers to know what you have done to improve your service. This is another form of making your customers feel special. If you are assigned to write a new salesperson introduction letter, check out this sample we have made for you.


Mr. Samuel Jackson

SFT Limited


Subject: New Salesperson Introduction Letter

Dear Sir,

You have been a witness on how our business has served you with the best service in your city for five years now. On our part, we take much pride to make it known that your loyalty to our business have been instrumental in making us reach where we are right now in the industry. As part of our vision to provide you with a much better service, we are proud to announce that we are improving the services that we offer by hiring more salsperson who has equally exceptional capabilities in their field.

For this, we would like to introduce to you our newest salesperson in the person of Mr. Normans. He is asigned to oversee problems that has soemthing to do with sales as well as develop easy solutions in order to improve our practices to ensure a continuous grwoth for our organization. We would be glad if you will give us some feedback on this matter and we aer looking forward to giving you with better services.


Mr. John Lucas

Everest Corp.

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