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Long Leave Letter

When you want to take a long leave from your office, you need to give a valid and acceptable reason to your employers to permit your long leave application. When you want to take a summer vacation trip with your family or any unexpected incidents or accidents happen, or any other important issue that you need to solve you can make use of long leave letter. Check out the following long leave letter to find the format and reason.


Adriene S. Garner

Assistant Software Engineer,

Global Tech Solutions,

New York, US

16th November 2008


General Manager,

Global Tech Solutions,

New York, US

Dear Merverna,

I am writing this letter to inform that my wife is pregnant and doctor has given her baby due date on 28th November 2008. Since, we stay alone here in NY, there is no one to look after her and I wish to stay with her till she get well soon as this is our first baby.

At present I was working on the reports of two companies and I have assigned the work to my colleague Sara, who is also a part of the working team. I am sure that she can manage well and there will not be any problems.

With this I request you to kindly grant me leave for 4 weeks starting from 18th November. Make this leave as informed leave and respond as soon as possible.

Thanks and regards,


Adriene S. Garner


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