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Courageous Messages

This type of friendship letters are written to give courage and strength to another friend. This is basically to improve his/ her morale and give a new dimension to life. The idea may change his / her outlook towards life. And it may also provide the strength to wake up and rise in life and realize his / her dream.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

Subject: Be courageous in life

Dear ___________

I understand it’s tough for you realize that you’re beautiful the way you are. But my undergoing knife you might ruin what you exactly are. You might become perfect as one of the models or actress from outside but what about your inner beauty. What matters is what you are to world from inside.

Believe me you’re beautiful the way you are. No one except your best friends would advise you not to go for a nose job done. We all like and love you the way you are, your friends and parents everyone. Moreover, you are not even aware of the complexities and negative effects it might possess. Have you ever given a thought to its after effects, I mean side effects.

I know you might argue about the other famous models and actors who have undergone a knife to get that perfect ten on ten, but to be frank they’ll look like plastics. And may be no one’s there to take care of them and advise them. We love you, so we would advise you to be courageous and bold in life.

We care for your own good, so do trust else you might regret in future. We love the way you are and not for what you want to be. Believe us and head for the right step.

Be courageous.

Yours lovingly,


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