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Email Cover Letter

An email cover letter is a letter attached to another document that one typically sends to a company where one is seeking employment. Cover letters are often written to provide a sort of introduction to the content that is to follow, for example, a curriculum vitae [CV], a resume, or any other document detailing the applicant’s credentials that are necessary for the application to be complete. Cover letters of any kind are always kind of short and concise, as they serve as an introduction for the details that are too follow later. Cover letter can’t be too long.

Some tips to write a good email cover letter:

  1. Always be formal and courteous. Just because this is an introductory letter, do not insert any casual intonations into the letter. Always remember that the cover letter is like a preview of what is to follow in the entire application.
  2. Be concise in your approach and outline your merits and achievements quickly. Never dawdle. End your letter within three small paragraphs.
  3. 3.     While you are keeping your cover letter small, take care also to see to it that you get the main idea of your work across to the letter’s recipient. Never be so formal as to get only a greeting across and then end the letter. Always mention some of your details and then leave the rest for the main letter.


Email Cover Letter Sample











Subject: Cover letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m writing this letter with the intent of applying for the position of on-location photographer for your newspaper. I have attached my portfolio and a few of my past assignments so that you will get an idea of what my work style is. After being a regular reader and subscriber of your newspaper. I strongly believe I would be the right person for this job.

Photography has always been a hobby for me, but it was also a conscious decision to turn it into a profession. I believe where there’s passion, there’s also the reflection of it in the work. Hence, I think I would do this job justice if I was hired by the newspaper.

I therefore strongly urge you to consider my application.




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