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Keep In Touch Letter

Due to work pressure, shifting of workplace and home, leads to people losing touch with one another. Lack of time, being busy with work, meeting deadlines usually leaves people with no time to socialize. Writing a letter to a friend, with whom one has not been able to contact for long time, is indeed very satisfying.

Here is a sample keep in touch letter:


Janet Smith

Avenue Street,

New York


Sarah Jones

Parle Street,

House #28,



20th June 2010

Dearest Sarah,

This letter of mine will surely surprise you a lot. You will off course be really angry with me as to why I had not contacted or written to you earlier. But I know the moment you read my reason you will not be annoyed with me.

Actually for the past 4 months I have been very severally ill. I was diagnosed a disease that left me weak and unable to walk or do anything independently. I was constantly hospitalized for these days. My husband and the kids along with my mother have been besides me all the time. It was their indefatigable monitoring that now I am on the road to recovery.

So, my dearest friend, now that you have read my reason, are you now angry with me? Do write to me, as to how you all are. I am anxious and eager to know how you have been faring in these days. How was your new job? How are Leon and Gini. Do give them my love. And write to me soon.

Your Friend,



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