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Letter of Reminder of Pending Payment

A reminder letter, mostly regarding payment of money or submission of documents, is a formal letter written by a representative or official of a company to somebody who has to pay them money and hasn’t done so yet. Reminder letters have to be polite yet firm. There can be no part of a reminder letter that insults or threatens the client. The request or reminder to submit the documents or pay up the money should be done politely and firmly, in a clear, concise and no-nonsense tone. Reminder letters have to contain the details of the payment to be made. They shouldn’t confuse the client with regard to dates, days, and the amount to be paid.

Some tips to write a good reminder letter:

  1. Always be polite in your approach. Use clear and concise words and details.
  2. Never be rude. Never mention personal details of the individual. Always write only what is needed to be written. Never spell out your grievances in the letter.
  3. A reminder letter should also be apologetic if there has been any inconvenience caused to the client. The letter should also be understanding of the client’s difficulties, if the company is aware that there are any.
  4. Mention why the payment to be made is necessary at this time. Mention deadlines, due dates, etc.


Letter of Reminder of Pending Payment Sample











Subject: Reminder about payment

Dear Mr./Ms __________,

This letter is being written to inform you that your monthly payment of the maintenance bills is outstanding. The payment is for the ongoing month of June and the amount to be payed is Rs. 4000.

It has come into our understanding that you might be in the process of changing residences and that this might come across as an unnecessary formality with regard to your current residence. We have also received a letter by you, stating the similar. However, you must understand that it is a mandatory regulation for all the residences of this housing society that payment for maintenance of flats is compulsory till the resident has physically moved out of the residence or till the token of the resident’s next residence is done [as the case may be]. In case of any further doubts and queries you might be having regarding the payment of the maintenance bills, we request you to kindly get in touch with the general secretary.

We hope this hasn’t been a great inconvenience for you. If it has, we’re sorry for the trouble caused. We hope there won’t be any further problems with respect to this issue.

Yours sincerely,




Letter of Reminder of Pending Payment Generator


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