Letter of Reminder of Pending Payment

An employee’s payment stopped due to any reason causes moments of anxiety for the person. In this letter an employee of the firm is writing a request letter to the management of the firm to release his dues.

Here is a sample pending payment letter:


Walter Wayne

Assistant Manager,

Techno Global Research Center,



The Managing Director

Techno Global Research Center,


21st June 2010

Ref: Request to release the pending payment

Dear Sir,

I am working as an Assistant Manager, in the Production unit. As I was not keeping well for the past 2 months I was unable to attend the office for the duration of 12th April to 12th June 2010. I had met with an accident and was not in a condition to come to the office and have given my leave request. This was subsequently done by my brother.

Due to some formalities my salary for these months not paid to me. I have completed the paper work and have submitted a doctor’s medical certificate. I have also submitted the fitness certificate along with it.

I now request you to kindly release my salary and the payment due towards the medical bills that I am entitled to.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Walter Wayne

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