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Letter to Say Please Forgive me

Dear Name,

I know very well that I hurt your feelings. I am really sorry for what I said. I know that these words are not something which will suffice what I told you yesterday, I do not even have any explanation for my behavior, I understand that I always do such things and expect you to forgive me, you always advised me not to be impulsive but I don’t know why I am still not learning. Believe me I love you a lot.

The moment I said those words yesterday I realized that I had made a mistake and I can understand how it feels when someone so close reacts like this .I never wanted to do this deliberately. I don’t know why I take things too seriously and spoil your mood. It was such a nice time we were having together and I couldn’t even take a joke lightly and reacted and spoke like a mad person. I still hope that you will understand me and give me another chance, sweetheart I don’t want to lose you. I know I can’t live without you. Can you give me another chance and I promise I won’t repeat such incidents ever again.

Sorry again.


Your name


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