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Letter Writing Template

Letters are a very important form of communication and can convey a variety of news, emotions or other forms of expression. Letters have always been written and are very useful in the day-to-day life of a person as well as in the functioning of a business corporation. Letters are divided mainly as official and unofficial, also known as formal or informal respectively. These can further be divided into offer letters, acceptance letters, official letters, acquaintance letters, confirmation letters, greeting letters, etc. Knowing how to write a good letter is an important skill and will be useful to a person throughout his life.

Tips to remember while writing a letter:

  1. If you’re a newcomer to letter writing, always start with writing an informal letter first. Informal letters allow you to get a feel of writing letters and prepare you better for writing official letters. This is also why letter-writing is an accepted part of school curriculums.
  2. While writing any letter, the address of both the addressor and the addressee are important. These cannot be wrong or incorrect.
  3. Also important about writing a letter is the content, which discloses your objective behind writing the letter. The content of a letter should always be concise, clear, lucid and grammatically correct. There shouldn’t be too much of beating around the bush. The letter, whether formal or informal, must not bore the reader or make him impatient to finish reading it.

Letter Writing Template Sample











Dear Dad,

How’re you? I’m good. I haven’t heard from you in weeks. I suppose you’re very busy with your work. I do miss chatting with you a lot. I can’t wait to come home and enjoy the leisurely walks we used to take.

My academics are progressing finely. I scored an ‘A’ in four subjects this semesters and stood third in class. I was expecting the second rank, but never mind. I can always work harder for the finals. We’re all bogged down with papers and projects and their submission dates. I think even our professors are hassled.

Apart from that, I’m fine. I hope you’re doing well. Give my love to Mom. I shall call soon. Can’t wait to see you.




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