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Thank a Customer for Referral

Often, in the case of a deal taking place, referrals by one customer or consumer to another are common and also frequent, as often it is the case that people with similar interests know each other and therefore look out for each other when they are shopping or buying. If a company or a representative of the company knows that one of the patrons of the company has referred the company to somebody else, leading to a successful dealing with the latter, then the representative or official of the store or company writes a letter to the patron, thanking him for his referral which has led to this favorable development.

Some tips to write a good thank-you letter for referral:

1. Always remember that the customer’s referral has fetched you this deal or this success and therefore keep in mind also that this endorsement by the customer is very crucial and beneficial, as it signifies both the satisfaction of the customer as well as the satisfaction of somebody else’s needs.

2. Thank the customer for referring the company. Express your gratitude and stress the customer’s role in bringing about the deal. Do not go into the details of the deal much, but mention that the customer’s presence in the first helped bring the whole thing about.

3. In a polite undertone, express the hope and anticipation that the customer will keep up with the endorsement as well as his membership and purchases from the company.

Thank a Customer for Referral Sample











Subject: Thanks for referral to customer

Dear Mr./Ms_________,

We recently wrapped up a great deal with Mr. ________ [name of consumer], and it has come into our understanding that our store was first referred to him by you. We wish to thank you for your referral thus which was a great contributing factor in this deal taking place. We hope you will like the gift hamper we have sent as a token of our appreciation.

It is not always that endorsement in this manner pays off, but your referral must have been really confident for our newest patron to be sure of the big purchase he was about to make. We thank you once again for referring our company to him thus. This action on your past has been the cause of one of our biggest and nicest rapports with our customers.

We hope you will continue with your esteemed membership and prized endorsement of our company.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

XYZ [Name and designation]

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