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Love Proposal Letter

Summary: The letters are still the best and most reliable medium of expressive the feelings of love to the beloved as it is done in this letter. The lover expresses his warm feelings and bares his soul in this letter, which touches the heart of the reader.


Cape Town

59163- Collos.

South Africa.

You are the person I have been dreaming all my life, so allow me to express my profound love for you. You are the most precious thing in my life. I fancy of the days when we will be together and spending all the beautiful nights, holding hands of each other.

You have captivated my heart in the manner that I have no work left other than thinking and dreaming of your self. Your memories are invaluable treasure of my life, which is secure in my soul. The time spent with you was the most mesmerizing and delightful of my life. I take this opportunity to ask for your consent if you want to be my life partner.

My tender love, my affectionate hug and my fond kisses are always with you. This letter is a token of my love for you.

With love.

Yours Lovingly,


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