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Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Summary: A letter soliciting sponsorship for an event by proposing company. The letter contents provide the necessary information about the proposed function to be held and the purpose or cause of the function. Benefits for the sponsoring companies are listed to entice them into participation in the event.

James D. Nicholson

Becker & Bane Ltd

530 Hamilton Street
Almonte, ON K0A 1A0

October 28th 2010

Dear Mr. Nicholson

We are pleased to invite you to be one of the sponsors for our upcoming charity event with this proposal letter. New Day Services is hosting a fundraising event for the underprivileged children in this neighborhood, and we would like Becker & Bane’s participation in this charitable event. Other sponsors are coming in through our NGO to ensure this event’s success. Attached is our confirmed list of sponsors at this moment.

We plan to raise enough funds to feed about 100 underprivileged children as well as to give them a cheerful Christmas this year. This is an annual event. Your sponsorship comes with some advertisement space on the event banners and mailers.

We look forward to an affirmative response of sponsorship from you to make this event successful. Please contact us on our official number for further information.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Eve Sheldon

Event Coordinator

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