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Request for Volunteers

Summary: This is a letter of request to an organization to supply volunteers for a charitable event, so that the event will be successful. The event theme and objective are stated for clarity of requirements of request, although this is not the first request for volunteers from the organization.


Spencer T. Willis

Kind Hearts Foundation

3883 Courtright Street
Leeds, ND 58346


Ms. Tina Hernandez,

Head of Department,

University of Birmingham

4th January 2009

Dear Mr. Hernandez,

It is the pleasure of Kind Hearts Foundation to have had your volunteers in assisting us on our previous undertakings. I am writing to make another request for volunteers from your esteemed organization once more, as Kind Hearts has undertaken another charitable project called Feed One Clothe One.

This initiative requires sufficient manpower in its food and clothing distribution, where every volunteer should contribute 3-4 hours per week at the distribution center. This project will last 3 months starting from May 2009.

Kind Hearts would be most grateful if your students and staff will respond to this request quickly to assist in this charitable project. We look forward to your prompt affirmative response.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Spencer Willis

Project Coordinator

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