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Request Refusal Letter

The sample provided below is an example of professional refusal on the request. The refusal letter should be composed in a right way in order to explain properly the reasons of refusal the request. It should be done in a professional manner and following this example you can do that.

12th March 2010

Diana Grey

“In-style look” Magazine
21 Collins Avenue


Dear Mrs. Grey,

Although I accept all you have pointed out in your request letter, we believe that at this particular point of time we cannot increase your salary. The management of the Magazine believes that raise of your salary as well as other employees’ benefits are not suitable at this stage. According to the policy of in-Style Look the management will review the performance of all the employees as well as discuss the matter of salaries’ raise in the end of the year, i.e. in December 2010.

Bearing in mind your importance to our company and your request we can assure you that you will be definitely considered at that time for a salary increase.

Hope for your understanding,

Thank you

Truly yours,

Jack Greyder

(general manager)


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