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Sample Employee Recognition Letter

When an employee performs well, the management recognizes the efforts and sends a letter of appreciation. It is a motivation to the employee to perform much better in future. It is a kind of recognition the employee receives from the management.


  • The tone of the letter should be polite.
  • The language should be simple and easy to understand.
  • The content should be short, precise and straightforward.

Sample Employee Recognition Letter Template

Use our free Sample Employee Recognition Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

__________ (employee’s name)
__________ (employee’s address)

______________ (Your name)
______________ (Your address)


Date __________ (date of writing letter)

Dear Mr. /Ms__________ (name of the concerned person),

I am congratulating you on behalf of the management for winning the ………………………(give details of competition). It is an honor to the company and your team has made us proud. It is a pleasure to watch your team perform and win laurels for the company. I want to personally thank you for your excellent support and guidance for your team members. All your team members praise you for your dedication and commitment toward work.

As you are aware our company always recognizes hard work and gives due importance for talented professionals. The management wants you to lead a new team and guide them in fulfilling the requirements of the project.

You will be duly informed about the details by your manager. I hope you will continue to perform in the similar manner and contribute towards the success of the company.

I thank you and your team for winning the award. People like you are an asset to the company.

Looking forward to see more such awards,

Yours Sincerely,

____________ (your name)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Sample Employee Recognition Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Vishal Kumar,
Engineering Department,
Infotech Ltd.,

Dear Mr. Kumar,

I am congratulating and appreciating you for your success in completing the prestigious project. It is a pleasure to watch your team perform and achieve success. I want to thank you personally for accomplishing this gigantic task and become successful. It was with your guidance and support that your team could perform so well.

The management sincerely appreciates your role for the success and hopes that you will continue in the similar manner in future as well.

Our company has been encouraging and motivating all the teams to perform well. Our management knows the value of work. Dedicated employees are always recognized for their efforts.

We once again thank and congratulate you for rendering your invaluable services to the company.

We wish you all the best for your team in their future endeavours.

Yours Sincerely,


Madhav Krishnan

General Manager

Email Format

Dear Mr. / Miss (Name of the person)

I, on behalf of (department name), appreciate you and your team on the efforts and sincerity in successfully handling the presentation was pleased to see the team accomplish the goals. I personally thank you for assisting the team and achieving the goals. It was concluded successfully with your help.

We sincerely appreciate your role in the success and hope that you will keep up the good work in the future also.

On behalf of the management we want you to know that we really value your dedication towards work. Thank you for giving this company your best.

With best wishes,

(Name of the person sending the letter)
General Manager



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